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Top Websites to Get Free Textbooks in the US

by Alex James
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It can be challenging to begin your first term as an international student. You may have to get used to a whole new atmosphere, in some cases a different learning style, and a variety of people you have never met before. In addition to that, there’s the financial part, which includes paying bills, purchasing new furnishings and school supplies, as well as the costs associated with maintaining a social life. The idea of starting your first class and learning that you must buy a number of pricey textbooks only makes things worse. It would be nice if there was a way to Get Free Textbooks online.

If this describes you, you’re in luck since there are lots of resources available for you to accomplish this without compromising the quality or authenticity of the work (as long as you don’t mind not having a tangible copy). What’s best? Numerous of these resources also frequently provide less well-known benefits including career and self-help options.

Your laptop, a capable note-taking and annotation program like Preview or Adobe Acrobat, plus access to a printer are all you really need to study from physical copies of documents.

There are six websites where students can get free textbooks.


SolutionInn is one of the most appropriate platforms to get free textbooks in hard form. While most of the websites provide free textbooks in digital format, SolutionInn is the only one that gives away physical textbooks without a cost. It buys used textbooks that are in good condition and manages the delivery of these books to the recipient.

The service provider started its free textbook program to increase its membership base. Those who were interested in buying a free textbook for up to $300 were required to buy a membership of the website which only costs $9.99 a month. The website also provides free membership for one week. We recommend students in the US get a membership of SolutionInn to dive deep into Academic Help, online learning, and free textbooks.


One of the best student tools available online is Bookboon. There are several options available for free online textbook downloads in a range of academic areas, all without compromising on quality. It is especially helpful for downloading textbooks on business and the STEM fields.

But all of Bookboon’s other features are what really make it a fantastic resource. The website offers a variety of audio learning tools, including e-books, seminars, and more, covering topics related to business and professional growth. It is extensively utilized by organizations to enhance the skills of its staff and is trusted by well-known brands. Getting a head start while you’re still in school is a good idea because it can offer you the advantage you need to secure your dream career right out of college.

Project Gutenberg

Since Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library still in existence, most academics who teach at colleges now have faith in it. Project Gutenberg focuses on offering texts of classic literature with expired copyrights, offering more than 60,000 free e-books. It can now be used and distribute without having to pay a fee.

You may download your texts immediately from the website without taking any additional steps, so there’s no need to register or download any annoying apps. If you’re seeking fresh (or old) reading material, it’s a terrific resource.

The Assayer

Unfortunately, many place where you can get free textbooks online are run illegally. This challenge is conquere by the Assayer. It’s the greatest online collection of books that their writers have made freely accessible, so you can use it to read their works ethically and legally.

The older, static texts are available here, even though you might not be able to find the most recent textbooks. It’s a terrific location to get free textbooks online for disciplines like math, physics, and computers in particular.

In addition, you’ll be a part of a group of readers and students who frequently have interesting discussions about the books they’re reading. You can leave evaluations and respond to them, which will help you learn more about the text you’re reading and possibly adopt a different perspective.

Open Textbook Library

Buying textbooks can be very expensive, especially if you have to buy multiple copies for your class. This is something that Open Textbook Library is aware of, and it created its platform with this obstacle in mind.

The Open Education Network-supported website offers 1,053 free textbooks for download. They can all be freely use and modified by students anywhere in the world because they have all been grante permission by authors and publishers.

What’s best? You may find a variety of self-help and academic achievement books at Open Textbook Library, giving you a wealth of tools to boost your performance all academic year long.

Saylor Academy

Another reputable online resource is Saylor Academy, which is use by both educators and academic institutions in addition to students. It offers a selection of free textbooks online that you may download, use, and share under open licenses. These textbooks cover a variety of topics, including accounting, general business, marketing, management, and leadership.

While Saylor Academy does offer free textbooks, its free online courses are what the website is most well-known for. There are more than 100 options available to you, and some of them even qualify for free college credit.

Hope this article would help you find the best websites to get free textbooks in the US. Find free physical textbooks or digital books through these websites and establish your personal library without breaking the bank.

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