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Resident Evil: 10 Best Puzzles In The Series

by Nation Gensy

There are a lot of strange and unique puzzles in the Resident Evil series. Here are the best ones.

Resident Evil is known for its puzzles, just like many other survival horror games. When the first game came out in 1996, many people thought it was like an adventure game because of the puzzles and the way the levels were set up. At first, most of the puzzles in the series were easy, but as time went on, they got a lot harder.

Some of the best puzzles are almost as good as the ones made by masters in Silent Hill. They can be changed or shuffled based on how hard the game is or what’s going on, which makes the game more complicated. When each of these is finally fixed, it’s a great feeling.

Resident Evil 1: Greenhouse Door Code

In the first Resident Evil, you had to solve a problem in the billiards room to get to where you could do the V-Jolt. The door code is the way the poles at the pole table are set up. They look like a clock. In the new version, they made it better. You still have to look at the tool table to see the coloured and numbered balls, but you also have to do something else.

There are three oil lamps around, and if you use the lighter on them, you’ll get a colour and a certain eye shape. When you put them all together, you get the code for the door. It’s cool that it’s different every time, and it’s great that the lighter is getting more use. The lighter in the original game didn’t do much, but in the remake, it became much more important.

Resident Evil 0: Animal Statue Puzzle

The animal statue game is likely the best one in Resident Evil 0. A good puzzle shouldn’t be easy to solve by force, and this one certainly fits that description. To get through, you have to use the lighter on six animal figures in the right order. The basic idea behind the order is that the strongest animals come first, but you still have to read the hints.

You might not think of the right order in your head, which is why you need to read them. It’s very well made and on the same level as a Silent Hill game. This is definitely one of the best parts of the whole effort.

Resident Evil 2: Chess Puzzle

The puzzles in Resident Evil 2 got a lot better when the game was redone. The ones in the original RE2 were very simple and, while they may have been good at the time, they don’t hold up now. But the puzzles in the remake are completely different. Let’s look at the chess one: There are six chess slots, and you have to put them in the right order before you can fight the amazing boss at the end of the sewers part.

You must pay attention to the important tip given, and it’s a real brain teaser, especially the harder one you can get in the 2nd Run. In the 2nd Run, two of the spots are marked with the right plug, but one of them is wrong. It’s hard, but it’s very well made.

Resident Evil 3: Water Puzzle

As opposed to Resident Evil 2, the puzzles in the original Resident Evil 3 are better than the ones in the remake. Even though the reboot doesn’t have many puzzles, the original game has some of the most famous ones from the PS1 era. The water puzzle stands out as the most interesting. It’s random, like a lot of RE3’s puzzles, but more so than any other in the game.

The main idea is that you have to line up three rows so that the end result is the same as the top result. There are so many possible combos that it can take a while to find the right one. It takes time, but when it’s done, it feels great. The fact that it’s random makes it fun to play over and over again.

Resident Evil 2: Electric Door Puzzle

The last RE2 remake game had two different solutions, but this one has four. You’ll have to solve a wire problem to open an electric door at some point in both Leon’s and Claire’s campaigns. You have to get the lines to the other side in the right way. This type of puzzle is used in a lot of games, but it’s still effective as hell.

There’s something about these kinds of puzzles that gets the mind going and makes you feel good when you figure them out. The fact that there are four is just icing on the cake because of the harder version in the 2nd Run.

Resident Evil 4: Sword Puzzle

Like the version of Resident Evil 2, the puzzles in RE4 are much better than the ones in the original. One good one is the one with the sword. In the first game, putting the swords where they belong wasn’t much of a puzzle. Because you just switched the gold and silver ones. In the RE4 reboot, on the other hand, you’ll have to think.

First, to get one of the swords, you have to blow up all the marks for the door. This is important if you want to learn how to do this. Then you have to put the four swords in the right places on the metal drawings. Here, you need to pay close attention so that the sword you put makes sense based on what the picture shows. It’s a short task, but it’s a big step up from the old game.

Resident Evil Outbreak: Daylight Puzzle

The last scenario in the first Outbreak game is called “Decisions, Decisions.” It’s the best because it has a big map and lots of different things to do. One of these is how Daylight is used. Getting all the parts to make Daylight, which will kill the T-Virus, is a big part of the situation. If you use one on yourself, the Virus Gauge will go away, but you don’t have to.

You’ll have to figure out how to use it for something else. That is, when Daylight is put into the Ampule Shooter, it can kill the last boss with a single shot. Tunnel Rush game never tells you this directly; you just have to figure out that this thing that kills the T-Virus should do so. This makes it even better when you only need one shot to kill Thanatos.

Resident Evil 4: Electronic Terminal

The three electronic screens are another great puzzle in the remake of Resident Evil 4. Like with the electric door in the RE2 remake. You have to match up the lines so that all the power points light up. Here, you have simpler choices, but it’s still almost impossible to sheer force, especially in Hardcore mode.

On that level of difficulty, the three terminals are much more tough. The LE5 is one of the best guns. But you can’t get to it until you solve the second one you find. It might take a few minutes to figure out one of these puzzles, but when you do, you’ll feel great.

Resident Evil 2: Liquid Solution Machine

The liquid solution machine is one of the last puzzles you’ll face in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Only three buttons make it easy to use. Two of them will switch tubes, and the third one will drain and fill the first two. Even though it’s simple, it’s very interesting.

Some people just can’t get enough of these kinds of small puzzles. There are two versions, and the one in the 2nd Run is even more complicated than the one in the remake. This one has a lot more changing and mixing, and the liquid solution machine is the final puzzle in RE2 remake, which has a lot of great puzzles already.

Resident Evil 7: Happy Birthday Puzzle

In Resident Evil 7, you can collect video tapes that let you play as other characters who have been to the Baker house before. The happy birthday tape is one of them. In this game, you play as Clancy and have to get out of one of Lucas’s death traps. It ends when you light the candle on the birthday cake, but you die because you unplugged an oil barrel earlier to get a key that turns a wheel.

Ethan is put in the same death trap later in the game. But you know what mistake Clancy made, so this time you have to stay alive. With what you already know, you should be able to finish the part without unplugging the oil barrel. It feels great to beat Lucas in this way.

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