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How to make a Segway with your own hands in the UK

by lara parker

What does a gyro scooter consist of?

If viewed from the side, A gyro scooter is an exciting device. The first is the task platform or board. It’s up to the person to get up and try to balance, drive, drive or fall. On the sides of the forum are two wheels that can propel and move forward or backwards.Let’s look at the plan first. Just right foot and left foot. This is done by turning right or left by pressing your toe on these platforms.

There are two wheels on the side. There are four types of hoverboards, and they differ in the type and size of wheels. The first class of hoverboards is the kid’s hoverboard with 4.5-inch wheels. The small size of the wheels makes hoverboards very uncomfortable and unusable on certain parts of the road.

The next class is the 6.5-inch hoverboard. It already has a larger wheel diameter. But it is only intend for driving on flat surfaces. The 8-inch hoverboard is the golden mean of all gyro boards. Wheels that can run on almost any road

And the biggest is all mini-segway SUVs. That’s a 10-inch hoverboard. Interesting features In addition to the big wheels, These wheels also have a piping system. That’s an inflatable wheel. Smoother ride, such gyro scooters are more wear-resistant than small prototypes.
All hoverboards are made of different materials, but they have the same features. The housing covers the wheels everywhere. Protect wheels from splashes, dirt, water, snow and dust. Hoverboards with small wheels 4.5 and 6 are usually plain plastic … since these models are design for smooth road driving. And does not develop at such a high speed. So the engineers decided not to install expensive plastic. and don’t raise hoverboard prices
After you remove the cover, You’ll see the electric motor on the side closer to the wheel. Electric motors have different capacities. The average for all mini-segways is 700 watts for both wheels or 350 watts per wheel. One wheel can move at a certain speed, and the other can move at different rates, one side behind, the further forward. So this system makes it possible to control the hoverboard.
Balancing system
The balancing system consists of quite a few components. First, these are two gyroscopic sensors on the right and left sides of the altar. If you remove the case cover, You will see two auxiliary panels. For such a panel, a gyroscopic sensor is connect. The accessory board processes the data and sends it to the processor.
Two or more collectors operate hoverboard power supply systems. In standard budget models, a battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh is usually install. The battery is responsible for the entire system’s operation and supplies power to it. Therefore, the battery must be high quality and branded. Typically, two brands of batteries are use: Samsung and LG.

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