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Hello Neighbor 2: 9 Best Items In The Game

by Home Rente

In Hello Neighbor 2, scissors are way too important.

There are a lot of things in video games. You can use these items to do a lot of different things, like open doors, solve tasks, and even heal your character. In Hello Neighbor 2, things are a big part of how you play. To move through the game and find out what the neighbour is up to, you need to know how most of them work.

In Hello Neighbor 2, there are a lot of things that don’t do anything. You can sit on them or move them around. But you can’t pick them up. You need to find the things you can pick up and use on your way through the game. You can’t do well without them.


Even though there are other ways to open some windows and glass cases, nothing beats throwing a rock at them. In Hello Neighbor 2, you don’t find many rocks, but the ones you do find are useful.

These rocks do exactly what you’d think they would. You take one in your hand and aim it where you want to throw it. If you throw the rock, it will break the glass or draw attention away from you so you can find a way out of the hole you’re in.


In Hello Neighbor 2, cogs come in many different colours and shapes. Most of the time, it’s easy to tell where they go, but sometimes it’s not. Most of the time, you’ll need to put a cog with several other cogs to finish a door-opening machine.

In other ways, a piece may need just one cog to be complete. To get it to work, you might have to put it in a grandfather clock or another machine. No matter what, wheels are everywhere and important to moving forward.

Security Camera

There are two parts to the security camera. There’s the camera itself, which you can put on a room’s wall. The display is another thing. For the security camera to work right, you need to get both parts.

Once the camera is set up and you have the screen, you can always keep an eye on a certain area. This can be helpful if you want to keep track of who lives in a house or check a room again if you think you missed something.


In real life, drones are becoming more and more famous, and in video games, they are a useful tool. The Hello-copter, which is kind of like a drone, is introduced in Hello Neighbor 2. It takes the security camera and makes it better by letting you move it further away and move it around.

On the Hello-copter, there is a small screen that lets you handle the camera that looks like a helicopter. You can fly in and out of buildings, around the neighbourhood, or leave it to hang with its camera pointed in one direction to make sure the coast is clear.


Mr. Peterson, the main bad guy in the Hello Neighbor books, likes to fight with a shovel. In the sequel, he uses it not only to dig holes, but also to attack your character in a few different scenes.

But Mr. Peterson isn’t the only one who can use this tool. You can use shovels you find in the game to help you. They can be used to break open windows or dig up information that are needed to solve different puzzles.

Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher is one of the more fun things in the game. You’ll have to put out a few fires as you play the game, but that’s not the only thing the item can do.

You can use the fire extinguisher to get to places you wouldn’t usually be able to or to land safely after jumping higher. Just point the fire extinguisher straight down at your character’s feet and use it. The burst from the nozzle causes a pushback that will either slow your rise or keep you in the air.


In Hello Neighbor 2, you need scissors to do well. Without a simple pair of scissors, there would be many blocked paths and tasks that are only half done. It’s amazing how many things in Happy Wheels game you have to cut.

At some point, you will need to cut dust, police tape, pictures, and pieces of paper. This will let you go to new places, make it easier to reach goals, and help you figure out what’s going on. This simple tool is one of the most important ones.


In this title, keys can be put into one group. You will find a lot of them while you play. You will find keys all over the place, and each one does something different. The goal is, of course, to open a lock.

Many doors, closets, paths, and other things will be locked and need a key to open them. Just make sure you find the right one since there are so many. You’ll need them to find out what Mr. Peterson is really hiding.


In Hello Neighbor 2, you’ll probably find yourself using the crowbar the most. You get a crowbar almost as soon as you start. From there, it helps you right away as you walk around the neighbourhood.

You’ll find wooden boxes, closed doors, and hatches that you can only open with the wrench. Plus, it can also be used as a weapon. You could throw it at an enemy to confuse them or use it to break into a second-story window.

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