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Make your Food Brand Popular with our Durable Custom Noodle Boxes

by john witcher
Chinese Noodle Boxes

It is admitted that worldwide, noodles are everyone’s favorite snack item. And they are available in different flavors. And people enjoy them at the food street stalls and fine dining restaurants. Besides, food lovers also enjoy home delivery services.

Thus whether it is a takeaway or fine dining order, the custom noodle boxes are a must. It keeps the noodles fresh and steamy. And at the same time, the durable packaging prevents the customers from getting harmed.

Hence custom food packaging offers amazing benefits to brands and consumers. And if the brand continues to maintain its quality, it will become popular in no time.

Therefore, this blog will discuss interesting packaging tips to make your food brand popular. Are you excited? Keep on reading till the end!

Custom-printed Chinese takeout food boxes

What is the flavor of the noodles? Is it spicy? What is its price? These are the frequent questions the customers ask. And to satisfy all their answers the custom printed packaging is very much important.

So it is essential to print the brand and the noodle details. It makes your packaging credible and communicative. Once the packaging satisfies the customers, they buy it!

Hence informative packaging is here to stay!

Use of eco-friendly stock

Do you know what is meant by eco-safe stock? It is biodegradable and naturally breaks down in the environment. Thus it is a safe and cost-effective option, unlike plastic.

So you can order custom noodle boxes in eco-friendly material. And it includes kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated. But kraft and cardboard are the best for food packaging.

The reason is that the kraft and cardboard are flexible, shipped flat, and handy. And above all, the cardboard noodle boxes are customizable to any size, shape, and color.

Chinese takeout boxes with handles

People love to eat the hot served food. Thus boxes with printed safety information are important. And for that, custom Chinese takeout boxes with handles are the best.

You can attach the cardboard or kraft handle at the top. It makes the packaging handy and improves its functionality. On top of that, the customers can easily carry the boxes without worrying about damage.

Hence you can pack the steamy noodles and gravy in custom packaging. As a result, you can enjoy your picnic trips, and road travels with safe packaging.

Durable wholesale noodle boxes

Do you know why cardboard and kraft are the best packaging substrates? Well, it is sustainable, durable, sturdy, and versatile.

It provides the utmost protection for edibles. And it keeps it safe from sunlight, contamination, and dust. Thus it keeps the taste and aroma of the noodles fresh.

Moreover, the kraft is suitable for a more classic and organic look. And apart from brown, it is available in black and white. In contrast, the cardboard stock is more flexible and offers an endless customization margin.

Hence you can easily print different images, text, and artwork. Further, you can enhance the printed logo and images with foil stamping. The colored foil is applied to a particular area with intense heat and pressure.

Thus the metallic foil permanently gets stamped to the design. Since it is a dry process, it creates beautiful results, unlike ink.

Food packaging with custom surface laminates

The purpose of custom surface coats is to make the surface grease, spill, and fingerprints free. Moreover, it also improves font readability and ink vibrancy. Thus depending on your need, you can opt for the following.

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Aqueous coating
  • Spot UV

However, the Spot UV is applied to a specific area. And it makes the particular area stand out because of contrasting shine and depth. Overall the laminates extend the shelf life of the custom Chinese takeout boxes

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