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Best Ladakh Tour Packages – The Travel Stations

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Whether you are an adventure lover, peace seeker, closer to nature, or mountain dreamer, there are so many Best Ladakh Tour Packages that you can choose from. Explore the mystique of Pangong Lake, watch snow-capped peaks, walk along the banks of Indus & Zanskar rivers, & enjoy a folk dance show.

Ladakh is the perfect tourist destination, with steep mountains, high-altitude desert terrain, beautiful lakes, colorful Tibetan monasteries, and steep plateaus! Celebrate the landscape crown of India, Ladakh, with its spectacular scenery, & chilling snow blankets with the popular Tour Packages for Ladakh.

10 Best Places To Visit in Tour to Leh Ladakh-

1) Pangong Lake-

What’s special: Changing colour of the water:

Pangong Lake is one of the most scenic high-altitude lakes in India. Here shooting of many films has also taken place. What makes this lake magical is that it changes its colours various times in a day.

2) Khardung La-

What’s Special: One of the highest motorable passes in India:

Located at a height of 5359 meters and is counted as the highest motorable pass in the world. It is a favorite tourist destination among travel and adventure enthusiasts, bikers and nature lovers.

3) Nubra Valley-

Nubra Valley is famous for its two-humped camels and natural scenic landscape, Nubra Valley is one of the best places to visit on a Ladakh trip. You get a feeling of Arabian desert because of the natural sand dunes here.

4) Zanskar Valley-

Ideal for couples who would like to spend some time in solitude just close to nature. Also serves as a power-packed destination for adventure lovers motorbike riders.

5) Kargil-

What’s Special: Adventure-packed destination:

Located on the banks of the Indus River, it is ideal for adventure activities. Couples enjoy trekking and mountaineering together in one of the largest cities in Ladakh.

6) Thiksey Gompa-

What’s Special: Largest collection of Buddhist books:

Located at an altitude of 11,800 feet, it is a is a stunning Buddhist Monastery. It stores a number of Buddhist books, journals, and scripts. It has a fascinating collection of statues and Thangka paintings.

7) Spituk Gompa-

What’s Special: Stunning architecture and picturesque carvings:

With a stunning design, it is one of the most quietful places to visit in Ladakh with your partner. Beautiful carved and known for its unique design.

8) Hemis National Park-

What’s Special: A habitat for endangered species

With rich flora and home to an array of endangered species such as Asiatic ibex, the Eurasian brown bear, and the Tibetan wolf, It is an ideal spot for newlyweds to relish nature’s beauty.

9) Shanti Stupa-

Experience the most soul-satisfying scenic sunrise and sunset views from the serene surroundings of Shanti Stupa. It is one of the most remarkable Buddhist monuments.

10) Moonland-

What’s Special: Resembles moon:

A romantic night under the moonlight at this extraordinary spot is one of the major highlights for couples.
Popular Best-Selling Honeymoon Ladakh Packages:

What could be a better way to celebrate the love and union of two people than by enjoying quality time with your better half in Ladakh? Enjoy the romantic weather, beautiful landscape, cosy honeymoon suits, & delicious local cuisines by booking the best Honeymoon Ladakh Packages. Honeymoon is the time to honour the intimacy & make stronger your bond.

Ladakh is perfect for a 6-7-day honeymoon trip, especially between the months of May and July. So, what’s waiting for booking the best-selling Honeymoon packages for Ladakh and exploring the amazing lake Pangong, the Valley of flowers Nubra Valley, and the mystique Mountain Pass Khurdungla Pass.

Best Ladakh Tour Packages for Couples

Cherish the beauty of your better half, the enchanting hills and roads of Ladakh, and a fascinating Tibetan culture while you are on Ladakh Tour Package for Couple. Part of the stunning region of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is a Union Territory that is counted as the “world’s coldest desert”.

With snow-clad mountains, picturesque lakes, the charming Pangong lake, & the majestic Nubra Valley, Ladakh is the symbol of honeymoon bliss! What could be better for couples than holding each other’s hands and gazing at the night sky filled with twinkling stars by booking Ladakh Tour Packages for Couples?

Best Ladakh Tour Operators

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable Leh & Ladakh adventure? Book a fully-organized Tour to Leh & Ladakh & let the Best Ladakh Tour Operators take care of everything for you. Check out the list of the Best Tour Operators for Ladakh & Leh:

1) Which is the best month to go to Ladakh?

The Best time to visit Ladakh is from the month of April to July during the summer season. During this time the temperature is between 15 to 30 Degree Celsius. The weather is quite pleasant in the summer time, however, winters are exceedingly cold. Hence, the best time to visit Ladakh is during the summer.

2) Is Ladakh a good choice for honeymooners?

Ladakh is of course an excellent choice for honeymooners. The scenic beauty of Ladakh is worth visiting. Honeymoon couples can visit several places and indulge in various activities.

Final Thoughts!

Situated around the Great Himalayan Ranges and the Karakoram ranges, Leh-Ladakh charms you with its picturesque landscapes, spiritual monasteries, & awe-inspiring landscapes. By availing of Best Ladakh Tour Packages, you will experience the crystal-clear blue sky, beautiful flowers, snow-covered mountain peaks, and painting-like valleys to make you experience heaven on earth. Please share and like our post!

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