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6 Best Baizhu Weapons In Genshin Impact, Ranked

by Nation Gensy

Find out which are the best weapons for Baizhu in Genshin Impact, from the easy-to-get F2P weapons to the 5-star Gacha weapons that heal and protect the best.

Baizhu is a character in Genshin Impact that everyone is looking forward to seeing again. He has already been seen in the Liyue arc, where he was the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy and took care of Qiqi. Players knew about his Dendro vision, but they didn’t know much about how he played or who he was, so they thought he would be a healer since that was his job.

With the version 3.6 update to Genshin Impact, players can finally find out more about Baizhu and add him to their teams. Based on his HP, Baizhu is mostly focused on healing and shielding, and he can also boost the Dendro elemental response damage of his teammates. This makes him a useful addition to many teams, and building his weapons isn’t too hard since he mostly needs HP. There are, however, other options that focus on Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge. These rely on the needs of the team and the type of build that is wanted.

Fruit of Fulfillment (R5)

  • Primary Stat: 510 Base ATK
  • Secondary Stat: 45.9% Energy Recharge
  • R5 Effect: When an Elemental Reaction is triggered, you get the “Wax and Wane” effect. Which gives you 36 Elemental Mastery but takes away 5% ATK. Every 0.3 seconds, you can get one stack of Wax and Wane. Max 5 stacks. For every six seconds that go by without an Elemental Reaction happening, one stack is lost. This result can happen even if the character is out of Eggy Car game.

The Fruit of Fulfilment catalyst could be used by players who want to make Baizhu’s Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery numbers more even. Even though the Favonius Codex gives more Energy Recharge and Sacrificical Fragments make it easier to use Elemental Mastery. The Fruit of Fulfilment is a great way to improve both of these stats. Its effect can be caused from off-field, which makes it a great weapon for Baizhu. Especially on teams that can constantly trigger elemental reactions. Even though it might not be the best forgeable weapon on the list, it is a great choice for players who have gotten far enough in the Aranara-related world quest storyline to unlock the forgeable weapon from the Sumeru area.

Favonius Codex (R5)

  • Primary Stat: 510 Base ATK
  • Secondary Stat: 45.9% Energy Recharge
  • R5 Effect: When a CRIT hit is made, there is a 100% chance that a small amount of Elemental Particles will be made, which will give the character 6 Energy. Can only happen once every six seconds.

Favonius Codex is a good 4-star weapon for players who want to use Baizhu’s Elemental Burst often and help out as an energy bank. Its secondary stat, Energy Recharge, and passive effect, which makes elemental particles, make it a good choice. But players should remember that this is a gacha weapon, so if they can’t get higher refinements or haven’t spent money on Crit Rate Stat, Fruit of Fulfilment might be a better free-to-play choice. This is because Favonius Codex might not work well if you don’t spend in high refinements or Crit Rate.

Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers (R5)

  • Primary Stat: 401 Base ATK
  • Secondary Stat: 35.2% HP
  • R5 Effect: When you switch between characters, the new character’s ATK goes up by 48% for 10 seconds. Only once every 20s can this result happen.

The Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers is a 3-star weapon with a secondary stat of HP% that makes Baizhu’s healing and shielding skills even better. Also, because it is a 3-star weapon, it is easier to get better refinements. Which gives it a big boost to ATK. But you have to switch characters in a strategic way because some younger Genshin Impact characters don’t put as much emphasis on the ATK stat as older ones. So, this weapon’s passive might not be good for all teams. But those that can use it will get a lot out of it.

Everlasting Moonglow (R1)

  • Primary Stat: 608 Base ATK
  • Secondary Stat: 49.6% HP
  • R1 Effect: The healing bonus goes up by 10%, and the normal attack damage goes up by 1% of the character’s maximum health. After using an Elemental Burst, Normal Attacks that hit enemies will give back 0.6 Energy for 12 seconds. This can be done once every 0.1s to get energy back.

Everlasting Moonglow is Kokomi’s signature weapon. The Genshin Impact player group calls it “the Donut” because of its round shape. Even though it was made for Kokomi, Baizhu can still use it well thanks to its secondary stat and its passive effect of Healing Bonus. But Baizhu doesn’t use normal strikes, so the second part of the passive doesn’t help him much. Overall, Everlasting Moonglow isn’t a very popular weapon. So players shouldn’t go out of their way to get one and shouldn’t use it unless they already have one.

Prototype Amber (R5)

  • Primary Stat: 510 Base ATK
  • Secondary Stat: 41.3% HP
  • R5 Effect: When you use an Elemental Burst, you get back 6 Energy every two seconds for 6 seconds. During this time, all party members will get back 6% of their HP every 2s.

Prototype Amber is a great 4-star weapon for Baizhu, and its healing power is almost as good as Jadefall’s Splendour. It has an incredibly high secondary HP stat, and after Baizhu’s Elemental Burst. It will heal team members’ HP and give Baizhu the energy he needs to keep using Elemental Burst. Also, since it is a forgeable weapon, it is easy for many people to get even at higher refinements. So, it’s a great free-to-play choice that players should think about.

Jadefall’s Splendor (R1)

  • Primary Stat: 608 Base ATK
  • Secondary Stat: 49.6% HP
  • R1 Effect: The character who wears this item can get the Primordial Jade Regalia effect for 3 seconds after using an Elemental Burst or making a shield: Restore 4.5 Energy every 2.5s and gain 0.3% Elemental DMG Bonus for their matching Elemental Type for every 1,000 Max HP they have, up to a maximum of 12%. Even if the character who wears the Primordial Jade Regalia is not on the pitch, it will still work.

Baizhu’s unique weapon, Jadefall’s Splendour, was made just for him. Like Prototype Amber, it helps him heal and protect himself. It also gives more energy and increases Baizhu’s elemental damage for those who want to use him as a harm support. But since Baizhu isn’t a main DPS character, players don’t have to get his weapon. Instead, they can choose Prototype Amber, which has more than enough healing power.

Genshin Impact can now be played on PS4, PS5, Mobile, and PC. A version for the Switch is in the works.

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