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4 Playable Fire Characters In Honkai: Star Rail, Ranked

by Nation Gensy

In Honkai: Star Rail, the Paths of the fire characters make each one special.

In Honkai: Star Rail, the fire characters have a unique connection and can work well as a team. Asta’s passive can increase Fire DMG, and Fire characters take different Paths, which makes the team’s Synergy complete. Hook, for example, uses Burn in a good way. Now, players can use Fire Trailblazer as a tank and Himeko, who does more damage to enemies who have been burned, to make a good Fire team in Honkai: Star Rail. Even though most people would want to have different Elements on their team to deal with different opponents.

Due to their different jobs, it can be hard to rank the Fire characters in Honkai: Star Rail because they are all good at one thing.


Hook is at the bottom of the list of Fire figures, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. In Honkai: Star Rail, Hook has a very high Base HP for a unit on the Destroy Path. It lets her do her job and stay strong during battles, while she can keep putting DoTs on enemies consistently. Hook’s Skill, Talent, and Technique all deal more damage to enemies and set them on fire. Also, both her second and fourth Eidolons make her Burning skill even better. Her E2 makes Burn last an extra second, and her E4 makes her an AoE debuffer.

All the talk about Hook’s power to make Burn happen isn’t enough to hide how much her Ultimate scales. Hook’s Ultimate move does a lot of damage to a single target. Hook’s A4 Trace also moves her turn forward when she uses her Ultimate and makes her next Skill do more AoE damage.

Fire Trailblazer

In Honkai: Star Rail, Fire Trailblazer is one of the most useful characters. As a Preservation unit, they do a great job of what they’re supposed to do. They can protect their friends and do enough damage for a support unit. In Honkai: Star Rail, the Fire MC can get a lot out of their Skills, Traces, and Eidolons, which is different from most of the Traveler’s Elements in Genshin Impact. First, the Fire Trailblazer’s Skill lowers any damage that comes in while taunting all enemies. This is a great way to protect friends and take some of the heat off of them. The passive of the A2 Trace makes the Skill even better by decreasing damage done to allies by 15%.

The Fire MC also gives friends a small shield for every action they take while their Talent is active. Even though it only gives a small amount of shield, it is still a helpful passive that can be made even better by the Fire Trailblazer’s second Eidolon. In the end, the Fire MC’s kit isn’t all about defensive usefulness. Instead, both their Basic ATK and Ultimate ATK grow with their DEF so that the Fire Trailblazer can still deal damage while doing their job.


Himeko is the character in Honkai: Star Rail with the highest Base ATK. Because of her high Base ATK and the above-average growth from her Skill, Talent, and Ultimate, she has a chance to do some great AoE damage. Himeko also has a Talent that lets her keep attacking all enemies when her friends break their Toughness, but this ability isn’t very good against bosses.

As for her Traits, her A2 passive increases her damage by 20% against Burned enemies, which is helpful since she can DoT them with her A6. If Himeko’s HP stayed above 80%, her A4 Trace made her CRIT Rate 15% better. It’s a great buff, but Himeko must stay guarded and safe in order for it to stay active.


Asta is one of the best characters in Honkai: Star Rail, so it’s not fair to put her in the Fire units. Players can give Asta a high SPD, which helps her get into the fight faster and play more often to help her team. Asta’s Skill is also great at breaking the Toughness of enemies while increasing Penalty Kick Online of her team. To explain more, her Skill is very good against both a single enemy and a group of enemies. Asta can easily take away an enemy’s Toughness from a single target, while her passive Talent lets her increase her team’s ATK% by 1% for each new enemy hit, up to a maximum of five times. Asta’s Ultimate will make the SPD of the whole team go up by 36 or more, which will help them play faster and more often.

All of that is great, but as a Support unit in Honkai: Star Rail, Asta still has more to offer. First, Asta’s A2 makes her a consistent damage dealer because 80% of the time, her Basic Attack will burn the target for 3 turns. Her A4 Trace is also helpful because it lets her increase her and her team’s fire damage by 18% without any limits.

Lastly, Asta’s Eidolons are great as support units for her kit. Her E1 will give her Skill one more hit, which lets her use her Talent more often or break the enemy’s Toughness more effectively. On the other hand, her E2, E4, and E6 all focus on her Charging stacks to keep her whole team’s ATK% buff.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for Android, iOS, and PC. A version for the PlayStation is in the works.

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