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10 Most Popular Heroes In Season 4 Of Overwatch 2

by Nation Gensy

Right now, these are the best and most popular choices for players who want to find the best character to play in season 4 of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch is a first-person shooter made by Blizzard Entertainment. Since it came out in May 2016, it has gained a large group of loyal players. Since Overwatch 2 came out in October 2022, its fame has gone through the roof because players like how new it feels.

Seasons are something new that are added to the game every so often. With each new season, a new character or map is added, and those who pay can get an exclusive fight pass. This keeps players happy by giving them new things to do. Since new heroes are added so often, especially in the competitive game, the meta is always changing. So, based on how often they are picked, who are the most popular heroes right now?

Soldier: 76

With a 3.49 percent pick rate, Soldier: 76 has been a popular hero since the first game came out. This rogue is not only one of the easiest characters to play and learn, making him a great choice for casual players or those just starting out, but he’s also one of the most skilled heroes with equipment that can be used very well at higher ranks.

This damage character is picked up so often because he does good damage per second, has a great ultimate, and can survive on his own thanks to his biotic field.


Widowmaker is a very famous character among fans. She was one of the first characters introduced when the original game was announced. She is a very skilled, high-reward hero who can kill weak enemies in one shot if they don’t know what’s coming.

This shooter is unbeatable because of her high mobility and her ability to scare enemies out of position and target the most valuable members of the other team. Her high pick rate of 3.64% only proves that she is the best at what she does.


Moira is a support character who was added to the game in November 2017. She is the game’s 26th hero. Moira is a support, but she can do a lot of damage, especially if biotic orb and grasp are used together in the right way. Her damage potential is terrifying.

The way she heals is, of course, just as good. With her biotic grab, she can heal 70 HP per second, and with her orb, she can heal 65 HP per second. With her ultimate power, she can also heal an extra 140 HP per second. If that wasn’t enough, this hero is also very mobile. She can get out of tight spots with her fade ability, which happens every 6 seconds.

Overall, Moira is a strong addition to a team, which may be why she is picked so often (3.94%).


Hanzo is another character that was announced at the same time as Overwatch. With a pick rate of 4.04%, he is a very popular character that players will find on a lot of teams.

Hanzo is very skilled and does a lot of damage, just like Widowmaker. He can one-shot enemies and scare them out of position, which gives him an edge over his opponents. He can move around because he can climb walls. And his ultimate ability charges quickly and makes a lot of room.


Reinhardt is also one of the original characters. He is a fan favourite just because he is a good person. But he is also a great tank with a high pick rate of 4.15%. His main attack does 85 damage, he gets two fire strikes every 6 seconds that do 100 damage each, and his charge is deadly because it only takes 7 seconds to cool down and does 225 damage (if he is pinned to a wall), which means he can kill most characters with just one hit.

This hero also has one of the best crowd control abilities in the game. His earthshatter ability stuns enemies for a huge 2.75 seconds, leaving them open to attacks. He can also use his 1200 HP shield to protect himself and his teammates from attack.


With a 4.16 percent pick rate, Kiriko is the only character from Overwatch 2 to make this list. This hero is very good at healing. Each of her talismans can heal 13 HP, or 26 HP in a burst, for a total of 130 HP healed per second. Her kunai does a lot of damage. When it hits, it does 40 damage, and if it hits the head, it does a huge 120 damage.

Kiriko’s great mobility is one of her best traits. She can climb walls and move quickly, which makes it easy for her to get out of trouble. Her protection suzu ability is a game-changer for any team. Because it makes her partners immune to all damage for 0.85 seconds. Even though this is a short amount of time, with a lot of practise it can be a powerful tool that often determines the outcome of team fights.


Cassidy’s 4.7% pick rate is a huge jump from Kiriko’s 1% pick rate. This well-liked cowboy can do 140 damage per second, which is a lot. And he can play both close and far away.

In-game, his new magnetic grenade, which was added in Overwatch 2, is deadly because it sticks to foes and does 120 damage. This lets him quickly get rid of both support and damage characters from a team fight. His ultimate power, like Hanzo’s, lets him make a lot of room.


Genji is one of the franchise’s most clear fan favourites. He has a 4.96 percent pick rate and a play style that works well with most team compositions. Genji’s skills still make him one of the best heroes in the game, even though he has been nerfed a lot recently. Even though his main fire doesn’t do much damage, his secondary fire lets him throw a fan of blades that does 119 damage per second.

He moves quickly, so players can easily get away from danger. His deflect skill is one of the best in the game. Because it lets him not only stop enemy bullets but also deal damage back to them. This ability can also stop some ultimate attacks, such as Dead Eye, Whole Hog, and Death Blossom. When combined with Ana’s Nano Boost, his ultimate ability is one of the most powerful in the game and can wipe out whole teams in seconds.


Mercy is both one of the most liked and disliked characters in Overwatch 2. Players often call her a “fly.” This is partly because she can move around so quickly and easily, making it hard for enemies to kill her. Mercy is also great because of her ability to boost damage. With her caduceus staff, she can increase a teammate’s damage by 30%. So players will often see her teaming up with high-damage characters to fully wipe out an enemy team.

Mercy can also bring a dead teammate back to life every 30 seconds, which, if used properly, can often change the course of the game. Taking all of this into account, Mercy is one of the best support characters in Spacebar Clicker game, especially if she is paired with a main support character and a high damage DPS, which may be why she is chosen so often (7.16%).


With a pick rate of 8.47%, Ana is the most chosen character in the game right now. This sniper needs a lot of skill. But once you know how to use it, you can take over the game. This hero is strong in every way. She heals a lot and does a good amount of harm. Her biotic grenades not only heal 100 HP, but they also let friends get 50% more healing from other sources and stop enemies from getting any healing at all.

She is one of the least mobile characters in the game, but her sleep dart protects her and keeps enemies from fighting for a few seconds. Nano boost, her final ability, is one of the best in Overwatch 2. If used well, it can decide the outcome of a team fight.

On PC, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, you can play Overwatch 2 for free.

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