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10 Hardest Bosses In Like A Dragon: Ishin, Ranked

by Nation Gensy

In Like a Dragon: Ishin, these bosses will make you work for your Ryo.

Like a Dragon: Ishin doesn’t hold back on boss fights that are hard and will test your sword, gun, and brain as you come up with ways to beat these tough opponents. If you take the time to make some of the best guns in Ishin, these fights will be less painful.

But even if you have the best armour and special weapons that hit hard, you’ll still have to avoid these strong enemies’ attacks if you want to win. You might be able to rush through grunts and thieves without much thought, but you’ll need to be more careful with these bosses because they can hit you with combos, stuns, and quick slashes if you’re not careful.

Inabara Akumi

The first time you meet this outlaw doctor, you might get the sense that he is not a healing presence. Inabara Akumi does a great job of being a bad guy, from his disturbing laugh to his grim face and body language.

Even though Akumi doesn’t tell you what his real plan is until the final showdown, it’s pretty clear what it is before he does. Once he’s done admitting, feel free to beat this jerk to a pulp. He has a lot of health, so it will take a while to get rid of it, but Akumi’s attacks should be easy to dodge.


Ginryu is the master of both the Swordsman and Wild Dancer styles. You will meet him for the first time when you go to his school in the northwest of Rakunai. Ginryu is a quiet, humble master who cares deeply about his students. He is also a very skilled swordsman, so don’t take him for granted.

He puts up a good fight in his last skill lessons, but when you meet him in the Arena, he really doesn’t hold back. His most powerful strikes are a string of cuts that can kill you and a quick dash forward that can catch you off guard and knock you down. Be careful when Ginryu starts to glow, because that means he’s about to charge forward and do a lot of damage.


Yukimitsu is in charge of a group of people who love katanas and are under some kind of strange spell. While Yukimitsu is under the spell, he and his friends will fight without thinking and can quickly group up on Ryoma if you don’t stay on the attack and keep at least one of them down.

You can fight Yukimitsu again in the Arena after you beat him and his fellow hunters and freed them from their spell. His moves are mostly the same, and he focuses on quick, sneaky sword attacks. He doesn’t make it clear when he’s going to attack, so be aware and ready to dodge so you don’t get caught off guard.

Okada Izo

The first boss fight in Okada Izo is your first big test. It comes early in Like a Dragon: Ishin game, when you are still getting used to the four ways to fight. When you first arrive in Tosa, you don’t have many ways to move, so it’s hard to avoid Izo’s strong, sweeping attacks. This fight is memorable because of this.

As the story goes on, Okada Izo continues to be a task, but by the end of the story, you’ll have a lot of tools at your disposal to take care of business without too much trouble. Even though Okada Izo is getting easier, he is still a good opponent who will test you each time you fight him.

Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu

Few swordsmen could hope to match the skill and style of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, who was the Shogun. Ryoma finds out quickly that he is not the only master who can use powerful Heat Actions and moves that look like they came straight out of a Dragon Ball Z video game.

The Shogun will move slowly towards you and cut three or four times in front of him as he tries to hit you with a deadly combo. Be careful, because he will hit with an Essence Of Firestorm, which is like a Kamehameha blast but can also knock you down and hurt you. Avoid the things he throws at you and stay close while he tries to cut you, and you’ll win.

Takechi Hanpeita

Takechi Hanpeita is one of the most interesting characters in Ishin, and his story and goals make him a fitting final boss fight. Ryoma works from the shadows, pulling strings and getting stronger. At the end of the long, winding trip, he faces his former brother.

In this important match with Ryoma, Takechi attacks with ferocity, making the fight hard. Emotions are running high, and the fact that this is the last fight makes each swing of your sword and pull of the trigger even more important. To beat a man like Takechi, you’ll need to use every skill you’ve learned so far.

Nakamura Hanjiro

Nakamura Hanjiro, who is Saigo Kichinosuke’s right-hand man, is the biggest obstacle between you and the end of Like a Dragon: Ishin game’s last substory and Ernest Satow’s goal. To get Satow a meeting with Saigo, you have to beat the strong rock of a man, Nakamura Hanjiro, and his friends.

The minions aren’t too hard to beat, but you need to do it quickly before they get too strong. Once they are out of the way, Nakamura’s strikes can be seen coming because they build up slowly and can be seen coming. Even with good final weapons and combat skill trees, it will take a long time to get through his combos and chip away at his huge health bar.

Komaki Munemitsu

This well-known person looks and acts like Kazuma Kiryu’s master from Yakuza. Even though Komaki uses the weakest fighting style in Like a Dragon: Ishin game, she is a very strong opponent who can catch you off guard. His combos are fast, strong, and follow your moves unless you keep dodging or choose to block instead.

If you aren’t careful, you can easily take four or five hits that add up to more than 20 percent of your health if you aren’t careful. Getting knocked down by these moves will slow down the fight and hurt a lot when fighting Komaki in the Arena. When taking on the Banquet of Might, a tool that can steal life is almost a must because of how he looks.

Sanada (Sodachi) Nobuyasu

Sanada, also known as Sodachi Nobuyasu, is the final boss of the Shinsengumi’s Battle Dungeon. He is a very powerful and large enemy with a lot of skill. Nobuyasu uses a bigger character model that is at least a foot taller than Ryoma, and the length of his blade is just as scary.

He starts the fight with a full team of minions who are armed with spears and katanas and are even armoured so they can stay alive longer. The extra group will be a bother, but once they’re out of the way, you can concentrate on Nobuyasu. In Wild Dancer, the best way to beat him is to run from one end of the square stage to the other and shoot him with a pistol, but well-timed dodges can also be very effective. No matter how you choose to fight this giant, stay away from him when he’s in the middle of his three-swing attack. It will kill you instantly.

Amon Genjosai

Fans of the Yakuza series will recognise this Amon brother as another member of the famous Amon Assassin Clan. But this will be a fight that will require you to do everything you can to get ready. If you’ve finished other games in the series, you may remember that the Amon brothers are usually secret bosses at the end of Backrooms game. Genjosai is the same way.

To reach Amon Genjosai, you have to go on a long and hard journey and finish every side story in the game before you can take on his task. When you go to the Battle Dungeon Vendor again after finishing the diaries and getting the last one from Ernest Satow at the end of the last substory, Amon will talk to you. Follow through with what he asks you to do and bring a lot of healing items, because these two fights are special.

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