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10 Best Vampire Survivors Weapons In Tides Of Foscari

by Nation Gensy

With the new DLC for Vampire Survivors, players get more characters and guns. But which weapons are the best?

Tides of Foscari is the new DLC for Vampire Survivors. It adds a lot of new content to the game. There are a few new characters in this new material, so there are also new weapons. All of these new guns have their uses, but some are much better than the others.

The behaviour of the weapons added by the Tides of Foscari DLC is very different. But a few of them look like guns that are already out there. Some make explosions around the figure, while others are more like direct-fire weapons. One great thing about these new weapons is that they can grow using passive items that already exist. This lets some guns use the same passive item to evolve, which makes some builds very efficient. This list will include both the base weapons and their advanced forms in Vampire Survivors. Not every evolved weapon is definitely better than the fully levelled base version.

Prismatic Missile

With Prismatic Missile, a shower of magical particles comes down from the top of the screen and goes around the figure. When the motes run out, there is a blast. This explosion’s area of action is about the same size as Garlic’s. This blast does about as much damage as weapons like the Cherry Bomb and the Whip.

Prismatic Missiles is great because it works well with a lot of different arcanas. The explosions of the Twilight Requiem and Heart of Fire arcanas are added to the blast of the Prismatic Missile. When an enemy is hit by Prismatic Missile, the Jail of Crystal arcana can stop them.


Spellstrike is very similar to Victory Sword in how it works. The Spellstrike does more damage per hit, but Victory Sword strikes more times each time it is used. Both guns go after the enemy closest to them. Overall, the Victory Sword is the better tool because it can score critical hits and strike back.

When you use Spellstrike, Spinach is the most important passive thing you can get. This weapon’s damage scales better with Might than most weapons. This is one of the best secondary guns for characters like Gennaro and Keitha who start with a direct-fire weapon.


This is Maruto’s starting weapon. If the player has a fully-leveled passive Armour item, it turns into Legionnaire when it reaches level 100. Both sides of the character are cut by the loops that Eskizzibur sends out. The more the Amount is raised, the more cuts will be made. This tool is similar to the Whip in how it works.

Once Eskizzibur gets to level 5, it starts slamming the ground around the figure, making huge cracks. If an enemy is caught in the area, the strike does a lot of damage to them. If the user gets hurt, the Eskizzibur strikes back. This weapon works best when combined with the Duplicator and the Candelabrador.


This is the tool Eleanor starts with. Spellstrom is made when Spellstream, Spellstrike, and Spellstorm are all at their highest level. Spellstring is one of the best tools to bring if you need to stop an enemy up close. Spellstring shoots energy tendrils at enemies close.

The damage this weapon does is about average, but it can be made worse by making the projectiles move faster. In other words, if a person has Spellstring, they will want to choose the Bracer passive item. Another great passive item to use with this weapon is the Duplicator.


This is the upgraded version of the Prismatic Missile, but it is only slightly better than the original. Luminaire sends beams of energy straight down from the sky at enemies. Even though the damage is high, it’s not high enough for this tool to handle a stage on its own. The top of the screen has a circle design that goes down, but this is just for looks.

Even with the passive item Empty Tome, the Luminaire’s cooldown feels a bit too long. If a player wants to try a run with this weapon only, they should be prepared to spend most of the run dodging enemies and desperately trying not to get hurt.

Party Popper

The Party Popper is like a mix between the Axe and the Magic Wand in how it works. It shoots fireworks up in the air. If these fireworks hit an enemy, they hurt them. If they don’t hit an enemy, though, they will bounce around for a while before going out. Players will want this weapon to fire as often as possible and send out as many rounds as possible.

The Duplicator, Empty Tome, Candelabrador, and Spellbinder are the best passive items to use with this weapon. The Party Popper doesn’t grow, but with the passive items we’ve already mentioned, it’s a very powerful weapon.


This is the upgraded version of Eskizzibur, and it works a lot like the original. Legionnaire sends out damaging arcs on both sides of the character, pounds the ground to affect a big area, and attacks back when the character is hurt. When Legionnaire is used, it also calls forth copies of the person. These copies move across the screen in the direction that the figure was facing when the clone was made.

The clones do a lot of damage, and you can make more of them by making Amount bigger. The related passive items can also make the clones move faster, get bigger, and last longer.


Millionaire is the Flash Arrow’s evolved form. This weapon shoots an arrow in the direction the character is looking, and it also rains arrows on half the screen. This rain of arrows kills enemy groups almost quickly, even the strongest ones that show up as the 30 minute mark gets closer.

This is without a doubt one of the best guns in the game Vampire Survivors. Flash Arrow, its basic form, is one of the worst. It sends one arrow in the direction the character is looking. This arrow does a lot of damage and can be made stronger by increasing Amount, but it only works in a very small area.


Spellstrom is the combination of Spellstring, Spellstrike, and Spellstream. There is no needed passive item. Spellstorm calls up two circle energy orbs that move around the character and do a lot of damage to enemies caught in their path. This can be used by itself through a run, but becoming Spellstrom frees up two weapon choices. Because of this, it’s hard to only use this tool.

The Spellstring weapon’s bullets come out of each orb. Also, the powers of Spellstream and Spellstrike aren’t lost when the three base weapons are combined. The only bad thing about this weapon is that it takes up three weapon spots when you first get it.


The Ophion is the Shadow Servant’s evolved form, and it might be the best tool in Drive Mad game. Really, this tool can handle hordes of enemies on its own. The only real problem with Ophion is that it starts with Shadow Servant, which is one of the worst weapons in the game.

This tool makes damage zones in the shape of circles around the edge of the screen. If the Amount and Area are high enough, these will go all the way to the edge of the screen on all sides. This makes it impossible for enemies to get close to the figure. When doing Gold Rush runs, this is a great weapon to use because it kills enemies as soon as they hit the screen.

Now, you can play Vampire Survivors on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and iOS.

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